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Mercy International Mission (Village of Hope) is a registered non-governmental organization with a presence in Nigeria and United State with the mission to reduce disease and mortality rate in Nigeria especially in rural and underserved communities. Our vision was conceived following the visit of the founders to their native town in Nigeria noticing the high decadence of education system, poor healthcare services, extreme poverty, and Nigeria’s life expectancy (52years) against Minnesota’s life expectancy of 81years where they reside.


The organization is poised to foster a brighter future by caring for the health and wellbeing of people through the provision of essential medical care with support for basic hygiene, food preparation, and infection prevention; strengthening local communities by facilitating self- development programs and improving livelihood of youth and vulnerable population. Our Village of Hope is designed to house a functional clinic, laboratory, pharmacy, community centre, and a library to meet the needs of Osi Ekiti and its environs.


At Mercy International Mission (Village of Hope), we believe that everyone in the world should have access to quality and affordable healthcare services. The reality in rural communities drives our team to develop and implement innovative solution to this basic challenge. Understanding the links to rural health, we develop programs that addresses major drivers of rural health and marginalization with priority to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) facilities, food security and nutrition, health education, outpatient services, sport and skill empowerment. We focus on children, elderly, adolescent and vulnerable women because of their lack of access to affordable healthcare services and their inability to meet essential basic healthcare needs. We remain committed to providing high quality health services for a healthy and sustainable world.

Our History

here is how we got started

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Our vision is to create a world with vibrant, accessible, and high-quality healthcare services in southwestern Nigeria

Our mission is to foster a brighter future by providing high-quality healthcare services and creating an environment that empower people from rural and underserved communities to help themselves.

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Our intervention includes health education, prevention programs, screening and treatment of infections, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Diabetes, Maternal and child health, eye, typhoid, and hypertension. Annually, we organize medical mission that connects over 2,000 people to experts, including medical expatriates from the United States to conduct comprehensive and specialized assessment and treatment.


Skill Up Rural Communities (SURC)

We engage in empowerment programs, scholarship opportunities and capacity building for women, children and youths for improved livelihood and rural development. Our entrepreneurship program includes digital and vocational skills training, business mentorship programs, and startup grants for immediate translation of skills to viable business

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Environmental Health

This encompasses routine cleaning of local communities including bush clearing, provision of WASH facilities and waste management practices to mitigate environmental factors responsible or can be responsible for the outbreak of diseases. Understanding the nexus between health and quality water, we engage in the installation of boreholes especially in rural and underserved communities for improved health and quality of life

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Livelihood and Nutrition Support

The critical role of nutrition for improved health cannot be downplayed, hence, we enhance nutrition of vulnerable family by engaging in distribution of food to families who cannot afford good diet. We serve over 100 families yearly







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