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Community Service

Water supply continues to be a major problem in rural areas and as such we engage contractors in drilling boreholes in all street quarters of Osi- Ekiti, Ekiti State and neighboring communities like Igbole-Ekiti and Awo-Ekiti.
We have commissioned a total of 11 boreholes around 20 villages and communities to compliment their supply of clean drinking water.

Side road clearing is also a major part of our contribution to the community , the safety of commuters on our road cannot be overemphasized thus maintaining a good road network was part of our activities this we believe will reduce the rate of auto crash and also reduce the activities of criminal element on the highway due to overgrown shrub on both sides of the road.

Mercy International Mission also hopes to partner with local and international organizations such as the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) to bring agricultural projects to Osi- Ekiti and surrounding communities . The aim of this project is to provide jobs, food sufficiency and commerce for the local communities.