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Mercy International Mission launched a Medical mission in February of 2012 to address the deficit in health care delivery in rural southwestern part of Nigeria . We address this challenges using a 3 pronged approach which includes stationary clinics, mobile health vans and annual large scale healthcare events. The Mobile clinics operates in Ekiti state and environs providing healthcare in over 20 towns and communities, the mobile clinic provides basic screening, treatment and prevention for common infectious disease's.

We are also exploring the role of telemedicine in the provision of basic health care services, at Mercy International Mission we engage the services of telemedicine companies to provide health services across countries in Africa and the United States. It is our strong belief that the addition of telehealth will help expand the volume of patients reached and provide access to a greater breadth of medical specialties . However barriers like power and internet access has been a challenge to actualizing optimal implementation of this initiative.