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Mercy International Positive Youth Development Program is a broad based approach that aims to build the competencies, skills and abilities of youth that they need to grow and flourish throughout life. The approach flows from the principle of building mutually beneficial relationships between youth and their family, peer groups, school, workplace, community and culture to provide opportunities for youth to enhance their knowledge , interests, skills and abilities.

We do this by organizing training and conferences, creating opportunities for leadership development, training, mentorship and by increasing participants exposure to supportive and empowering environments where activities create multiple opportunities for a range of skill building and horizon broadening experiences.



                                                                                                          Multiple factors influence how youth develop, thrive or struggle. Recognizing youth development as a function of and interaction between complex environments and systems can help us better respond to youth needs and development. 

Listed below are three core areas of youth development addresses by the Positive Youth Development Program.

 Leadership Development                                                                           Mentoring, Counselling and Tutoring                                                     Facilitating Community Engagement and Support.



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