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Short Term Medical Mission's

We Launched our short term medical mission in February of 2012 , when a team of five Mercy International Mission representatives and healthcare professionals travelled for the U.S to Nigeria to join a larger group of over 30 Physicians, nurses and technicians , plus other support volunteers to provide medical services to individuals who had no previous access to health care , no health insurance and no resource to obtain such services, most of our beneficiaries had been struggling with some of these underlying medical issues for years without help before the advent of the medical mission.

Our Access to care programs contains the following components :
* Basic Health screening and Community Health Education
* Maternal and Child Health
* Infection Control
* HIV/AIDS Detection & Care
* Vision/Dental Screening and Procedures
* Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Service's

Telemedicine Services

Development of Healthcare delivery in many of small towns and villages in rural Ekiti state is known to be fraught with a challenge. Some of these include interrupted electricity supply, water and sanitation problems, maintenance of adequate supply of pharmaceutical and lab equipment, transportation and human safety.
Mercy international Mission has addressed most of these issues through the various projects our organization has embarked on since inception in 2007. We have served this area using a 3 pronged approach which includes stationary clinic, mobile health van and annual large scale healthcare events.
Our Mobile clinic operates in Ekiti state and environs providing professional healthcare service to over 20 different town and villages .
We have also engaged the services of a telemedicine company to provide services in various countries in Africa and the U.S as well, it is our strong belief that addition of tele health will expand our reach, however availability of good internet connection in some parts of Africa has been our biggest challenge in achieving the desired milestone but overall progress has been made on so many fronts.

2024 Medical Mission

The 2024 Mercy International Medical Mission was a 3 day free medical mission that was aimed at providing comprehensive medical service to resident of Ekiti State in the southwestern part of Nigeria. Areas of coverage included general consultation, free medication administration, major and minor surgeries, dental inspections, cleaning, implants and extractions, eye screening and subsequent provision of corrective glasses, mental counselling , hypertensive and diabetic screening and management, medical consultation and general checkups among other vital medical services.

The mission was a huge success as there was a record turn up of beneficiaries and volunteers We also advised intending beneficiaries to always pre-register to help us project the number of expected beneficiaries which in turn would enable us plan adequately which will consequently help us achieve optimal results in proving much needed health care services to humanity.

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