Short-Term Medical Mission

We launched our short-term medical mission in February of 2012, when a team of five Mercy International Mission representatives and healthcare professionals traveled from the U.S. to Nigeria to join a larger group of over 30 physicians, nurses and technicians, plus other support volunteers. With no previous access to medical care, no health insurance, and no resources to obtain care, many of these people had been struggling with medical issues for years. Patients travel to the event as far away as 50 miles with different means of transportation.


We have conducted this mission every year since its inception serving people from Ekiti and the neighboring states. In 2017 for example, we treated over 1,500 people during the medical mission. Patients were treated for hypertension, diabetes mellitus, urinary tract infections, peptic ulcer disease, upper respiratory tract infections, malaria fever, osteoarthritis and gastrointestinal infections. Hypertension, malaria fever and osteoarthritis have high prevalence among other ailments we treated.


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