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Medical Mission 2015

​​​2016 Medical Mission - Patient's Testimonials​

Baby Daramola – 2 year old girl
Baby Daramola had bilateral Herniorrhaphy performed. Her parents were not able to raise enough funds to pay for her surgery. They feared she would not survive during the surgery until they came across a friend who informed them about Mercy International Mission. Mercy's surgery unit performed the surgery successfully and free of charge. The parents expressed their gratitude to God and the entire Mercy team.

Kemi – 32 year old woman
Kemi had fat accumulation at the back of her neck. The growth of the fat had became a major cross she was bearing since it had disfigured her neck. But all thanks to Mercy International Mission for the surgery performed at no cost to her. She is now free from the disgrace that was brought upon her from the growth.

Yinka – 25 year old man
He wholeheartedly appreciates the Mercy International Mission team. He had Herniorrhaphy done during the exercise. He had to get surgery done at a private hospital but it was too costly and he was not able to raise funds. He had to bear the pain until Mercy came to his aid without collecting a penny. He is thankful to God and the entire Mercy organization.