Mobile Clinic


Launched on April 16, 2012, Mercy's Mobile Clinic vans run from Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 3 PM. The mobile vans are staffed with consulting doctors, nurses, and pharmacy technicians. The vans travel from village to village providing much needed medical care and screenings to the people of Osi-Ekiti and its surrounding villages within a 15 km radius (< 10 Miles).

Our Mobile Clinic vans provide:

  • Basic health screenings, including: Vision, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, cancer, hypertension, heart attack risk factors, pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, malaria, etc.

  • Education & Training for basic first aid, CPR, prenatal care, child birthing, infection control, detection and care.

  • Inoculations and immunizations.

  • Medication administration and management. 

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