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2019 Annual Spring Banquet

April 20, 2019 

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​​​​Medical (Office) Services

Our Mercy Clinic in Nigeria offers a complete spectrum of screening examinations designed to meet the changing needs of the population. We offer first line medical care addressing health problems.

Our Access to Care Program contains the following service components:

  • Basic health screening
  • Infection control
  • HIV/aids - detection, prevention, and care
  • Malaria - detection, prevention, and care
  • Vision screening
  • Laboratory services
  • Management and treatment of common illness such as hypertension, diabetics, typhoid fever, asthma, arthritis, etc.
  • Provide detection, monitoring, referral, and patient education

Other Programs:
1) Maternal and Child Health Program:

  • Inoculations, lab work, prenatal care, labor and delivery.

2) Women’s Health Program:

  • Mammogram, pregnancy testing, pap smear, pre and post menopause, etc.

3) Community Health Education and Training:

  • Diet and nutrition, prevention, immunization, family planning, and healthy lifestyle.

4) Homecare Services Program:

  • A follow-up care is conducted by the nurses at the patient's home. These services are specifically designed for the individuals who have no access to transportation or too sick to visit the clinic.

5) Pharmacy Services:

  • Our patients receive their medication as part of their patient visit​.