Medical Center (Under Construction)

Mercy International Mission, USA and Mercy International Mission, Nigeria exist to reduce disease and mortality rates in southwestern Nigeria through the provision of essential medical care, preventative health services, and health education; to strengthen local communities by facilitating self-development activities and to improve overall quality of life for men, women, and children in the region. To accomplish this mission, we realize that we have to establish and maintain a permanent self-sustaining health clinic that can service the entire Ekiti and the neighboring states. We intent to build a solid, efficient, and cost-effective diagnostic medical center that can meet the need of the people in this area.  

The new and improved clinic will continue to provide:

  • General medical and pediatric consultations and minor general surgical procedures

  • Ophthalmological consultations and dispensing of eye glasses

  • Dispensing medications, supplements, and multivitamins to children and adults

  • Housing the mobile clinic vehicles

  • Providing mosquito nets to people to prevent Malaria

  • Installing and distributing water purification systems

As we continue with the Village of Hope, we kindly ask you for your support. Every amount matters, no matter how small! 

As you can see from the pictures below, the construction of the medical center have started and we hope for its completion in the spring of 2020. We will appreciate all the help and support of Mercy International friends and families around the world. 


345 University Ave W.

St. Paul, MN 55103