Health Awareness Education

People living in poverty usually haven’t been educated about when, why, and where to access healthcare. Many wrongly believe that their disease is irreversible and permanent, and they are not aware of medical treatments that can improve or cure their condition. For example, few people in remote villages are aware that many of the forms of blindness prevalent in Nigeria can be cured through surgery.


Additionally, general public health education is lacking, such as knowledge of proper hygiene and water treatment. In this way, a lack of education leads to the spread of disease and also prevents patients from seeking medical care. A lack of understanding about the origins of disease can also lead to socio-cultural stigmas — A vicious triad of poverty, ignorance and disease that we believe can be reversed by the spread of health education by health care professionals.


Therefore, beyond providing vital medical care, we also place deliberate emphasis on spreading the message of preventive medicine among our target population. In this part of the world, ignorance is a major factor in the spread of diseases. Our staff delivers public health lectures and trainings at religious and social gatherings to actively combat this trend.


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