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Medical Services


Our Access to Care Program contains the following service components:

  • Basic Health Screening

  • Infection Control

  • HIV/AIDS - Detection, prevention & care.

  • Malaria - Detection, prevention & care.

  • Vision Screening

  • Laboratory Services

  •  Management & treatment of common illnesses, such as: Hypertension, diabetics, typhoid fever, asthma, arthritis, etc.

  • Provide detection, monitoring, referral, and patient education.

Other Programs:

  • Maternal & Child Health Program:

    • Inoculations, lab work, prenatal care, labor, and delivery.

  • Women's Health Program:

    • Mammogram, pregnancy testing, pap smear, pre- and post menopause, etc.

  • Community Health Education & Training:

    • Diet and nutrition, prevention, immunization, family planning, and healthy lifestyle.​

  • Homecare Services Program:

    • A follow-up care conducted by the nurses at the patient's home. These services are specifically designated for the individuals who have no access to transportation, or too sick to visit the clinic.

  • Pharmacy Services:​

    • Our patients receive their medication as part of their patient visit.​

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