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2019 Annual Spring Banquet

April 20, 2019 

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fostering hope

​​​​​​​Mercy holds an annual soccer tournament for the village of Osi-Ekiti and its surrounding communities. For two days, school is postponed for children to participate in a single elimination soccer tournament. While the sport event is ongoing, we also attend to children medically. We work with supporting communities in Minnesota to provide soccer equipment and vitamins to provide the participants. 

Mercy gave two bright students with outstanding academic achievements from very poor families scholarships (equivalent to $50). These scholarships help them pay for their college entrance exams as well as part of their college expenses.

Community Development 

​Poverty, lack of education and other social determinants, are proven barriers to healthcare. General public health education is lacking, such as knowledge of proper hygiene and water treatment. In this way, a lack of education leads to the spread of disease and also prevent patients from seeking healthcare. Mercy is dedicated to providing this education during our Medical Missions. By training health workers and community members to raise awareness about good health practices and opportunities to access medical care, Mercy International Mission USA can lead the way towards an improved healthcare system for the people of Osi-Ekiti and the surrounding villages.

In addition to providing education about healthcare and diseases, Mercy is dedicated to working with the community to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. This includes helping people find creative solutions and ideas on how to support themselves and their families through services and goods that have not yet been available.

Mercy hopes to partner with organizations to brings agricultural projects to Osi-Ekiti that will provide jobs and new sources of food and commerce. All of these goals work in tandem to improve the quality of life and help lessen the grip of widespread poverty that many people face.

​Malaria Prevention: Mercy was able to distribute over 900  mosquito nets to children and expecting mothers. There is also a small reserve of nets on hand in the clinic that staff will be able to give to people as needed.

Mercy has encourageddevelopment within the community in the past year by providing micro-financed business loans (equivalent to $100) to individuals. Seven women applied and received financial assistance in order to start or grow their small businesses.