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2019 Annual Spring Banquet

April 20, 2019 

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fostering hope

​2) Developing and educating entrepreneurial,
​self-sustaining business models

3) Encouraging community involvement through sports, agriculture, and technological intiatives

Mercy International Mission's Staff & Board Members

1) Delivering quality medical care regardless of ability to pay living out our Christian values and faith

Current Board Members of
Mercy International Mission Nigeria

Sunday Olayinka
Victoria Olayinka
Adekunle Agunbiade
Venerable Segun Akande
Daniel Omotilewa
F.M. Omokan
Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Okanla
Tony Muyiwa Olawoki
Reverend Segun Akinlade

"Our mission is to provide access to basic health care services for everyone, especially women, children and the elderly, regardless of ability to pay to improve the quality of life in Southwestern Nigeria."

We are dedicated to:

Current Board Members of
Mercy International Mission USA

Sunday Olayinka
Victoria Olayinka
Dr. Richard Oni
Ita Ekah
Dave Muhovich
Pastor Dipo Ajayi
Daniel Sundell
Dr. Oluchi Azuka
Dr. Oluwagbenga Ogungbe

Charles Oribamise

Mary Buck

Elizabeth Mafe

Thompson Fadirepo (Staff)

Current Staff of
Mercy International Mission, Nigeria

Olamiposi Olalekan Olayinka
Funmilayo Oyeniran

Dr. Oluebube Nnamani
Christianah Oriloye
Bunmi Olukitibi
Adeuya Temitope
Oluwafemi Ajetomobi

Dr. Joney Kennedy

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​History ​​

The vision for Mercy International Mission began after Sunday and Victoria visited their family home in Nigeria in 2005. They both became aware of the need to improve the health care conditions and education of their people and to decrease the level of poverty in the local community.

Life expectancy for a Nigerian resident is 52 years, which is near the bottom of the United Nations Human Development Index measuring countries’ overall standard of living. Compare that to Minnesota's life expectancy rate of 81 years.  High poverty levels and lack of access to health services combined with poor infrastructure such as limited transportation, no laboratory, limited electricity and water, and limited medical supplies create an environment that invites diseases such as HIV/aids, malaria and tuberculosis to thrive. Mercy International Mission is committed to providing access to basic health care services and health education with support for basic hygiene, food preparation, and infection prevention.

“When we saw what people were going through, we started to pray, asking God to show us how we might be able to help improve the quality of life and address several of the challenges facing people in this rural community.”
“In 2007, we went back home and decided to have a series of meetings with the community leaders, including the chiefs and the king. They both expressed in very clear terms some of the issues and challenges facing the community in the areas of heath care and education. This includes a lack of a functional clinic and medication, a recreational center for children and youth, and the need for a community library where children, as well as adults, can be exposed to reading. Upon our arrival back to the United States, we decided to establish Mercy International Mission, USA as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.”

Today, Mercy International Mission USA is a registered nonprofit entity in the State of Minnesota, United States.​